4 SHREDS is 4 everyone!   

When we were approached by our friends, the Iemma family, whose son is a para athlete, we knew we couldn't pass up the chance to work with them to develop a product that would keep the para shredders in our community warm, comfy and dry.  Designed and prototyped by Susan, these leg sacks are right at home in the cold months and are so easy to take on and off meaning you'll spend less time getting ready and more time being awesome!  Special attention to detail has been given which means the leg sac does not require the wearer to be removed from their wheelchair or any straps or seatbelts to be removed. They slip on the legs and secure with Velcro behind the back or they can be pulled around and fastened behind the wheelchair seat, creating a warm, soft and dry outer layer that fits over shoes or boots.   Designed with ease of use in mind, this layer won’t get caught in wheels, won't blow off in the wind and does not require constant adjustments.  Whether you are going out for a shred session on your sit ski, heading to parasport practice, or simply looking for an extra layer of warmth, the 4SHREDS leg sac has you covered.

What are the options:
All leg sacs are  offered in a fully reversible double layer fleece.  It can be worn on its own both indoors or outdoors.  We also offer an all-weather option that is water and wind resistant with a light fleece lining.  Both pieces can be worn on their own or they can fit together by inserting the double lined fleece into the all-weather sack and securing them with the use of 2 strategically placed buttons.  Both used together, give the wearer the ultimate weather protection for long, wet, windy or cold days.