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The All Weather Leggy

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The All Weather Leggy is made with a thin fleece-lined all-weather fabric making it resistant to wind and water.  The weight of this fabric is similar to a raincoat fabric. This leg sack surrounds the legs and attaches with Velcro behind the wearers back securing it in place while also protecting the low back area against the elements.  In many cases, it can also be stretched around the back of a custom molded seat to fasten behind the back rest (of some wheelchairs). The sack is tucked around the thighs and pulled up the back of the legs to ensure the best coverage. This piece, paired with the double lined fleece sack gives you the ultimate warmth and weather protection for days spent outdoors or in cold environments. 

While both Leggies were originally designed with wheelchair users in mind, they are incredibly versatile and can be used by anyone and everyone. They are great for staying warm while relaxing on the couch, working at a desk, staying toasty around a campfire, or to help stop shivering in the stands at a stadium or ice rink. 

  • Dintex - Bonded Fleece Water Resistant fabric
  • Critically stitched with reinforced seams
  • Strategically placed buttons makes it easy to integrate into the Fleece Leggy
  • See our size chart below

🇨🇦 Made in Canada 
🦫 Printed in Canada


Customer Reviews

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Terry Goulet
Comfy & Cozy

Recently purchased my first All Weather Leggie. It's so stylish and comfortable and keeps me warm on those cool fall nights. I love how it wraps around and covers my back too.